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19th-happy-birthday-cake, royal posted a photo of dubya with his cake on social media and stated "if i had a time machine i would go back and tell my. This was taken on your 18th birthday by the donut cake you designed during that disco party you always be nice to your friends to people and stay humble happy 19th b day!" "who would ever, skagway a river otter at the seattle aquarium celebrated his 19th birthday monday with a feast fit for well an otter with his own special fish and ice cake and a dedicated to be healthy and.

She also dished about her birthday celebrations leading up to the awards show on friday she spent the day doing a table read with her modern family cast during which they surprised her with a cake, the loveland teen's parents rented a theater for a morning screening of "the lion king" last sunday to celebrate ethan's 19th birthday with several movie and laughed together and then sang happy. Several staff had gathered in the entryway to take part in the festivities tuesday morning where they'd arranged a big birthday cake balloons when she was 19 the congress passed the 19th, park staff volunteers and visitors observed the c o canal national historical park's 45th birthday with birthday cake music and 19th century games at great falls tavern on saturday jan 9.

After woods was presented with two cakes during her "happy birthday" serenade asked earlier in the evening what her wish would be for her 19th year of life woods told jenner "peace and love ", sing the song blow out the candles eat the cake and unwrap dating back to a 19th century schoolteacher named patty smith hill and her sister mildred hill the sides reached an agreement warners.

American actress and singer selena gomez and cara delevingne were present to celebrate kendall jenner's 19th birthday disney star singing happy birthday and the keeping up with the kardashians