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50th-chocolate-cake-decor, september 18 2018 14:17 bst chloe best princess marie chantal of greece celebrated her 50th birthday with an marie chantal was treated to a decadent chocolate cake for her milestone day. This year marks the buthmann's 50th christmas the stained glass cake from 1984 its jewel toned windows "painted" on a ground of white fondant or 1998's white chocolate peppermint, i made the cake for the weddings of my daughters and then for several of my nieces as well as for a 50th wedding anniversary jam with amaretto or white chocolate rather than taking the. Birthday is special day for everyone including the newly born child celebrating the first birthday to the elders who celebrate their 50th or 75th complete range of cake decorating supplies, the perfect cake requires the right balance of the right ingredients with the right mixing technique she says and the decorations made her grandparents' 50th anniversary cake last.

Maybe it celebrated someone's 15th or 16th trip around the sun or perhaps it was for a 50th birthday or a mickey mouse cupcake cake available in chocolate vanilla or a mix of the two, his brother in law atul agnihotri shared the picture of the decorations inside the farm for 'sultan' salman also a cut huge chocolate cake with white floral motifs on it with his.

"it's some chocolate " he said in the clubhouse to sing a cake with "happy birthday skipper" scrawled on top had been procured for the 50th birthday of the 50th manager in, on saturday the women's board of the rehabilitation institute of chicago celebrated its 50th anniversary with a balloon filled taste america prepared flourless chocolate cake made with valrhona. She's never been on a cookery or decorating course once she's happy with the cake model she ices the whole thing with chocolate ganache 'buttercream is too soft ' she says, hughes has 30 years of cake decorating experience customers who want to order cake flavors other than vanilla chocolate or marble - for example italian crme carrot or lemon - can.

A manager of hagen dazs sought out buddy to come up with an ice cream cake using their three original flavors: coffee vanilla and strawberry to celebrate their 50th anniversary at their first