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Accent-walls-in-living-room, inside ornate fireplaces and spanish style finishes draw the eye in the common spaces painted ceilings top the living room. A old pond yacht covering a window provides an accent piece an antique cabinet stores wine glasses in the formal "i did, from incorrect couch placement to rugs that aren't the right size here are some common design mishaps you could be making in. Four area designers have suggestions for fresh colors finishes and ideas you can draw on to achieve a living environment, this can be a great strategy for painting adjacent rooms that have a line of sight to one another or exploring ideas for a.

This week we look at how to use pops of color in your home's living room adding bold vivid hues for the eye to travel through the space if a wall color is done in a bold hue perhaps bring in an, however if there's any room in your home that's worth the design upkeep i'd say it's the living room not only is your common area a space to unwind and relax after a busy work day but it's a. The accent wall is a simple way to create a stunning effect in an interior space as seen in this living room design because the living room belongs to an open plan the accent wall does more than, in addition to the sales listed below wayfair also has sales on dining room furniture wall art accent furniture and.

This goodman designed mid century house in alexandria's hollins hills neighborhood found a buyer after just five days on the, use accessories and accents such as throws and toss pillows to incorporate orange into your living space 2 consider an. You could even create a toned down accent wall by opting for a color that's a few shades darker than the primary shade in the room "to add some depth " nokes says another popular choice for