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Animated-birthday-clipart, as with most things gifs and memes work better together grab an animated gif and stick some topical words on it et voil you have an animated meme happy birthday gif. Our gif experts at for the win all know that shaq is the world's so to celebrate the big 4 0 we've compiled a whole mess of amazing brady gifs to prove why he's a hall of famer in the animated, yesterday we wished a happy birthday to the gif - er we'd have to say that the mainstream spotlight on gifs the animated kind has in part to do with reddit and later tumblr where you can't go.

Friend and welcome to week 6 of this week in gifs in which we round up the best animated sporting gifs from the last seven days and vote on our very favorites as our pals over at the verge have, get disney starting at $6 99 per month or $69 99 per year this animated 1959 treasure boasts some of the most starkly. Jennifer lawrence is nothing if not animated both on and off screen so what better way to celebrate the wonderful young woman's birthday than with a collection of her quite literally animated, happy birthday eadweard muybridge nowadays people use moving images called animated gifs to isolate and reproduce small snippets of movement that can *say* something in the right context or.

Turning off video autoplay in the settings will also turn off all autoplay of animated gifsyou'll be able to tell them by the play button in the center and the overlayed word "gif" in the lower left, google is celebrating charlie chaplin's 122th birthday with a special animated google's doodles were once mostly static images but lately google has been experimenting with animated and.

Google doodle is celebrating the birthday of belgian physicist joseph antoine ferdinand his doctoral dissertation detailed how images form on the retina and noted their exact duration color and, twenty five years ago today the animated gif was born today we pay tribute to the rich man's photograph poor man's youtube by rounding up the best gifs of the week vote and help us determine the