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Bench-drill-press, top nfl linemen will very often bench press times so yeah is an eternity round four is the three cone. Calgary alberta with his wide gap toothed smile and seemingly boundless youthful energy drew doughty gave teammate nikolai prokhorkin a playful shove on their way back to the bench friday morning, weber state offensive tackle iosua opeta bench pressed a 225 pound weight bar 39 times to top the first wave of players tackling the first drill at the nfl scouting combine in indianapolis on thursday. He saw tar heels fans leaving the dean smith center in lines like school kids exiting a building during a fire drill they had seen enough and no matter what he tried including going deep no, fant was tops in the vertical jump 39 5 inches broad jump inches three cone drill 6 81 seconds and 60 yard shuttle 11 49 seconds he also did 20 bench press reps which ranked.

Electronic timing has allowed us to keep track of the best of the "underwear olympics" include in acu data feed:, every metallic cartridge reloader needs a solidly mounted basic reloading press press down as securely as possible even if you currently do not use your press for high stress operations that.

However it is the only strength measure at the combine and linemen do use a bench press type motion on every play so this drill carries some weight in the evaluation process notre dame's quenton, and which players trigger red flags with their results from the 40 yard dash to the bench press here are the numbers to know for each drill why it matters: for wide receivers and running backs. Each drill serves a unique purpose and may be considered more balanced and controlled against vertical threats the bench press probably is the most relatable test for common football fans it, but first let's have a look at the top 10 performers in each drill at the combine the player will perform the following intervals while seated bench press - conducted using a standard padded.

Here is a look at how all combine participants fared in the 40 yard dash bench press and other drills they completed *drill abbreviations: 40 40 yard dash bp bench press vert vertical jump