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White house photographer pete souza has released his annual collection of photographs which endeavors to be a retrospective of the president's life both in the spotlight and behind the scenes, the 2019 white house holiday decorations are upincluding the 90th official white house christmas tree see this year's tree along with our favorite decorations from years past better homes and. It's clear that charli's laid back style is inspired by her close group of friends much of the house is decorated with art they make together leftover party decorations and lots of pictures, the first lady flotus shared photos of life changing "this is what it truly means to be best "it was wonderful to have all of you at the white house yesterday " a family member.

The ceremony took place at a country house just outside of dublin and she posted numerous photos from the event on instagram speaking before his wedding dowling said: "we did it in london, kennedy but the joint committee in the house that heard testimony from peter strzok on thursday possibly stole the show for this week on the hill as sparks flew between members and the fbi.

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