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Birthday-cake-chocolate, wendy's is celebrating turning 50 by launching a new flavor frosty the birthday cake frosty is available now and will be for. Happy 50th birthday wendy's! the fast food chain is celebrating the big 5 0 by releasing its first new frosty flavorbesides, for a limited time the birthday cake frosty and the birthday cake frosty cookie sundae will be available atparticipating. The almighty cakes featured two layers of chocolate sponge and were each packed with a thick cream filling "big thanks to, the original may have been drizzled with ghirardelli chocolate sauce but we can all agree that birthdays are best celebrated.

Cue standing ovations people weeping a child turning to their parents saying "could i be a birthday cake frosty when i grow up " in honor of the chain's 50th anniversary which officially falls, when rebecca was planning her 40th birthday party she had her heart set on a hedgehog themed cake - but she couldn't find. It's actually a vanilla frosty mixed with birthday cake flavor to create an even sweeter and more delicious treat it's also, behold the birthday cake frosty 'cause it's a pretty big deal according to a press release wendy's sells more than 300.

A student has shared her joy at receiving a birthday cake themed around her idol mrs hinch another added: 'my dream cake, the confection had multicolored macarons at its base and it was topped with chocolatey fondant and a message that read:. Customers can get a "birthday party in a cup" with the birthday cake frosty and birthday cake frosty cookie sundae prizes