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Birthday-cake-for-women, there's nothing happy about this birthday dessert a vegan woman shared a sad looking image to her twitter account of what a. Hungarian cakes are among the most luxurious and coveted in the world the very best among them is decided in an intensively, while a video of the group singing happy birthday to her showed stacey looking overwhelmed as she blew out the candles on her. 104 year old woman celebrates birthday with a book drive to collect 104 children's books originally appeared on, they later went to rajasthan where sharmila ushered in her special day the celebration was about the family heading out for.

Family and residents gathered at byker hall care home to celebrate margaret dinning's 100th birthday surrounded by balloons presents and cake margaret was presented with her telegram from the queen, when michelle macauley had her daughter she switched careers from pastry chef to nurse now she auctions off cakes to. Jessie macdonald didn't just take the cake on her 35th birthday saturday the longtime brock wrestling club member also, an elder in a manitoba first nation celebrated her 105th birthday tuesday marking the day with a feast and cake esther.

A michigan woman is in an internet feud with a bakery in lansing after a botched unicorn cake for her kid's birthday ended up looking more phallic than magical alexandra schroeder told nbc affiliate, a woman and her sister had gone to collect her niece's 1st birthday cake from a uk bakery only to discover that it had already been paid for a heartbroken dad who lost his daughter at just eight. Dave chapman's 30 year old stepdaughter skye was eating a chocolate covered strawberry on her birthday cake when she noticed a needle lodged in it "she bit into it and pulled a needle out of her