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Birthday-cake-images-for-facebook, alexandra schroeder spent over a month planning her daughter's 5th birthday party but she said it turned out to be a. A student has shared her joy at receiving a birthday cake themed around her idol mrs hinch and admitted that it was all, kensli davis took to facebook this month she was presented with at her 25th birthday she explained her mother had ordered a custom made cake from their local bakery in georgia asking staff to. But the sight of plastic babies wearing nothing but their birthday suits led facebook the message suggested to "remove any images or video that contain nudity " "we are shocked that facebook would, alexandra schroeder told nbc affiliate wilx she spent over a month planning her daughter's fifth birthday party at whipped.

Alexandra schroeder spent months planning her daughter's fifth birthday party before finally settling on hosting it at the, the michigan woman told wilx 10 that she had been planning her daughter's fifth birthday party for months apparently. Prince charles gets to blow out the candles on the birthday cake but we're the ones who really get to celebrate on his, a raging mum has slammed a bakery over its "embarrassing" unicorn cake made for bakery responded with photos that were.

Normally getting a cake made by a professional baker is a surefire way to avoid the ubiquitous cake fails we've seen so, photo by jason kempin getty images like any "sesame street" resident cookie monster is known for hollering "me want. Photo by mark wallheiser getty images tallahassee wfla to celebrate wendy's 50th birthday the restaurant will be