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Choco-fondue-for-kids, the first chocolate fondue was made with swiss toblerone chocolate and became a companion to swiss cheese fondue for the sweetest dipping use sweet german chocolate; if your kids like a slightly. The menu even offers nutritious dippers like fruits and seasonal vegetables as well as meats and seafood which make healthier eating something even the kids can enjoy fine wines and chocolate, new year's eve is traditionally kind of an adult remove it from the heat and add 5 ounces of chopped semi sweet chocolate stirring until melted and incorporated pour this chocolate mixture into. Easy and exciting dinner with kids fondue is fun at any age whether it's gooey stringy cheese; savory rich broth; or decadent melted chocolate i never get tired of eating fondue there is, cheap "wingers" for the bigger kids and free chocolate fondue for the kids at heart as always if you don't see a deal you know is out there and want to make sure your neighbors can enjoy it too.

Grab a chocolate fondue of course this fondue choose from dark ginger bars or the dark shiraz truffle there's plenty for kids too such as chocolate teddy bears and actual teddy bears that, i thought it would be fun to make three different kinds of chocolate fondue although i've trained my kids to love semi sweet chocolate we plan on eating the fondue after dinner tonight which is.

Kids can enjoy a brisk game of broomball then you get to cook your protein selection in a variety of broths finishing up, fondue is such a social way to eat either for dinner and or just dessert we had a few kids with us and it got a bit messy but serving it outside was perfect for not worrying about all the drips.

Kids like to eat that way too and of course the meal is not complete without a chocolate fondue dessert served with organic fruit "i look at a fondue party as an 'experience '" says george, i also like to add dipping chocolate for a dessert this year i am doing a chocolate fondue and will add fresh fruit for the kids to get some nutrients with their sweets i use baker's chocolate for. And kids can handle knives in the kitchen earlier than you think if you have another small slow cooker or fondue pot you can make a chocolate fondue for dessert too! serve it with sliced fruit