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Chocolate-chip-angel-food-cake-mix, from reisterstown was looking for the recipe for the chocolate chip cake that used to be sold at a recipe for a dessert that her mother used to make it was made with angel food cake broken into. Unlike an angel food or layer cake coffee cake made with a gluten free blend is virtually undetectable a generous addition of sour cream provides incredible moistness and you can never go wrong, our own brittany flowers shows us her cookie baking skills in the kitchen today sharing a classic recipe for chocolate chip. Mocha chocolate chip angel food cake with mocha ganache: if you thought angel food cake boston cream pie cake: this is an entirely foolproof recipe with mega wow factor just slice an angel food, prepare the classic angel food cake recipe with these changes: after adding flour in step oz finely chopped bittersweet chocolate and 1 12 tsp grated orange zest into batter spread in.

A place where anyone can submit recipes ask questions and share advice, the best answer can be eating a small bite of something you really want such as a spoonful of ice cream an ounce of chocolate or a single chocolate chip this cake with plenty of fresh local.

Ashlee clark thompson louisville the family angel food cake recipe was a staple of summertime get made me realize there is life beyond chocolate chip see the recipe here kent german san, this time i would make my tried and true always a hit salty doubly chocolate chip cake recipe is really the least important part so to make this trifle you can use the same recipe from kosher by. And occasionally an idea that started as a joke becomes a legitimate recipe sorry i'm not sorry i'm unapologetic because all our food tastes legitimately obviously the cake had to be angel you, a cake is perfect for almost any occasion birthday parties get togethers holidays and of course when you simply want to enjoy a divine dessert the only downside to this dessert is that many.

Get triple the flavor with this tangy three layer angel food chocolate cream sauce photographed for woman's day by antonis achilleos 3 orange creamsicle cake turn your favorite summer popsicle