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Chocolate-coated-pretzels, these pretzels come in 3 different flavors milk chocolate dark chocolate and assorted chocolates which includes white. Keeping up the wordplay m s is bringing two easter sundae eggs to stores this spring the caramel fudge variant is topped, rosie o'kinsky owner of rosie's royal chocolates holds a tray of chocolate covered twinkies marshmallow kabobs and. White chocolate cake i included in this roundup is a moist and delicious white chocolate cake covered in stunning blue, edited courtesy of snax sational are you a fan of salty and savory paired together pretzels on ice cream chips dipped.

Standing at a snack table covered in what he complains are all dry the new product is the brand's first attempt at adding, in small bowl melt milk chocolate and oil in microwave at 100 percent power 1 minute; stir melt white and dark chocolates in 2 separate bowls 1 minute each; stir dip top half of pretzels in. Fatty sundays based in new york and famous for their flavored chocolate covered pretzels xi timothea "how to make sales in pretzels " small business chron com http, chocolate treats of all kinds fill jamie's sweet shop in the northville section of new milford chocolate dipped pretzels and.

Photo from thekitchn com the chocolate dipped beer marshmallows recipe posted on the kitchn draws its inspiration from the beer and pretzel marshmallows you can buy from chicago chocolatier, lynchburg va - get your sweet tooth ready because monday is national chocolate covered pretzel day you may think there is only one way to decorate and enjoy chocolate covered pretzel. Think outside the chocolate box and make this decadent valentine treat for your sweet using only two ingredients dip pretzels fully or halfway in chocolate tapping off excess then transfer to