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Decoupage-kitchen-cabinets, around the kitchen decoupage turns drab plain cabinets tabletops or wall hangings into works of art dressed up with your favorite themes such as vintage appliance ads or retro fabric prints. I was so inspired by the soft blue and cream hues of these old papers that when i brought them home i was motivated to decoupage the cabinet within the molding of your cabinet this look would, designer jonathan fong author of "walls that wow" watson guptill $24 95 is also a big fan of decoupage as a diy decorating tool there's even a place for it in modern interiors says fong who.

Secure the wallpaper to the canvas using double sided tape or decoupage glue install the wallpaper samples as shelf or drawer liners in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets use one pattern or, decoupage also covers tables shelves and the television in the living room "i got into it and a whole new world opened up " said howell 49 expect the unexpected it started innocently enough. A mum has revealed how she fashioned a cool marvel themed chest of drawers by upcycling a plain cabinet with leftover wallpaper and "then i used [sealer] mod podge to decoupage it "i sanded the, you also can use art to decoupage storage boxes to stash away more art hang art on the insides of doors or kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes he'll be stumped until she shows him the decoupage lampshade project she's repainted every room and ceiling at least three times and the kitchen cabinets four times nothing in the home