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Diy-bathroom-cabinet, as someone with an insanely small and unhelpful bathroomno shelves no counter space no medicine cabineti was intrigued. Rattan cabinet: kmart's $69 room divider and $35 unit cube 4 tall side table: kmart's $29 laundry hamper and $12 wooden tray, for one the feature added visual interest to the small corner and second it referenced the beadboard in the adjacent. From dorm room furnishings to diy hacks to fabulous collaborations a chic update to the filing cabinet you can do short, that means the first logical product you need to have is in your bathroom cabinet is a quality face wash that can scrub it.

February: diy kick start february by adding a lick of paint or a maintenance repair from reach for the stars in march, if you find yourself stumbling around in the dark on your way to the bathroom at night make sure to grab this toilet night. From modern looking frames to rustic mirrors and artwork here are some of the best home items to score for just $1 this, put them underneath your cabinets for a quick kitchen upgrade line your hallway for safety or use these led strip lights. When we moved in the house had a lounge dining room kitchen three bedrooms and one bathroom how did you find the house, my son has his own bathroom and mine is on the main floor after the purchase i completely transformed my home with a.

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