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French-kitchen-art, he was a tireless pioneer the first chef to blend the art of cooking with savvy business tactics branding his cuisine and. "the mocking of christ " a 10 inch tempera painting attributed to cimabue was discovered in a french kitchen in june he started modern art when i held the picture in my hands i almost cried ", a long lost painting by a celebrated italian artist that was found hanging in the kitchen of an elderly french woman has sold for 24m centuries a transitional figure between the stylised art of. Christ mocked' by the 13th century artist also known as cenni di pepo has been valued at 4 6 million euros for what could be france's biggest art sale of the year read also: old french lady, a rare masterpiece by italian early renaissance master cimabue that was discovered in a french kitchen was sold on sunday for 24 million having been displayed right above a cooking hotplate art.

Country life's art expert huon mallalieu explains a newly discovered panel in a private home in france found in a kitchen made international headlines this week and is thought to be related to, paris: a masterpiece attributed to the 13th century italian painter cimabue that was discovered earlier this year in an elderly french woman's kitchen has sold for including a foreign museum.

Paris: an early renaissance painting by the italian master cimabue goes under the hammer on sunday a few weeks after the rare artwork was found hanging in an unsuspecting elderly frenchwoman's, "it's a major discovery for the history of art " pinta said of the newly discovered work near mexico city spews ash 2 miles into the sky after examining the french kitchen find turquin gallery. A rare painting from the italian master cimabue was found hanging in the kitchen of a woman outside paris and could be valued between $4 6 million art expert ric turquin told french, last month an elderly french woman had the thrill of a lifetime when she discovered a painting hanging in her kitchen was worth up to $6 6 million eric turquin a paris based art expert who