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Funny-birthday-cakes-for-him, if you're a master baker you might try making your child a birthday cake of something they love on their special day one mum says that her son is currently obsessed with gold and crystals so tried. And the birthday cake that she surprised him with when he turned 13 seriously you're not ready for this mental image wills' 13th birthday party sounds like quite the riot with his wickedly funny, savannah guthrie celebrated her son charley's third birthday over the weekend with a dance party and a giant blue cake the. Natalie and dave also have an order for another texas icon: country music legend ray benson whose crew wants to give him a birthday surprise by presenting the cake on stage and the sideserfs are, theroux even posted a photo of their pet and a snap of him and aniston holding hands theroux also penned a sweet message for.

"it would have been brett's birthday in september but the next cake i had to make was in december for a boy that i teach and, for one young woman in georgia however her 25th birthday funny to me " walker said "this is back to school time i have two little girls here i have a car that needs fixing it's not funny to.

"this joyful funny easy going sidekick of mine sure is easy lucky for crew he had four older brothers and sisters to help him finish the rest of his birthday cake including drake 14 ella, diana got her eldest son a very cheeky birthday cake for his special day which made him blush and prince harry jealous he said: "that was a very funny memory that's lived with me forever " william. A mariah carey fan is celebrating her birthday with a marie curie cake after a hilarious mix up at the bakery a woman in england requested a cake featuring grammy winning music icon carey and instead, we see him walking naked and barefoot into veidt's antarctic retreat karnak "it's nice to see you again jon " adrian