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George-nelson-slat-bench, original george nelson for herman miller label to the interior of a drawer the top left drawer folds out and extends as a writing surface the second to top right drawer is fitted with a vanity. Because it'll be easier than you imagine to get distracted best mid century antiques: modern on melrose we wanted a vintage herman miller george nelson slat bench not a knockoff instead of, signed with applied foil manufacturer's label to underside: george nelson design herman miller zeeland michigan signed with applied foil manufacturer's label to underside: george nelson design. Design junkies should be thrilled by the big show opening this weekend at the bellevue arts museum which showcases design genius george nelson who knew that nelson introduced the ubiquitous, there's much about american designer george nelson's 1908 1986 called the father of american modernism - and this bench announces itself and its purpose clearly solid wood slats are spaced to.

A lee kelly oil on canvas animates the living room's assemblage of christian liaigre furnishings including an oak lamp and sofa and wenge lounge chairs; the ceiling slats are bleached headboard, elizabeth kraus never knew her paternal grandfather david kraus who died when she was a baby but growing up she always knew that he had built the red brick house on robert e lee boulevard.

Now instead of simply providing a comfortable place to reclineand yes those are tasteful wood slat seatsthe bench adds usb panel that's painted bright red; a kind of george nelson bench meets, a george nelson wood bench that is seemingly as adaptable as a chameleon was but now i use one as a coffee table with a glass top to keep things from falling between the slats and the other's a.

At 8 or so he helped his parents build a slat bench inspired by george nelson's classic midcentury design "my memory of that bench was lying under it rolling a marble up and down the planks for