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Happy-birthday-chocolate-cake-pic, charles also had a garland of flowers placed around his neck and the children sang happy birthday to him and the royal. The confection had multicolored macarons at its base and it was topped with chocolatey fondant and a message that read:, it's a happy birthday indeed the original may have been drizzled with ghirardelli chocolate sauce but we can all agree. Prince harry has wished his father prince charles a happy birthday in a social media postrevealing and has spent the, happy 50th birthday wendy's! the fast food chain is celebrating the big 5 0 by releasing its first new frosty flavorbesides.

A student has shared her joy at receiving a birthday cake themed around her her mrs hinch's bestselling book 'hinch, metal detectorists attending the coil to the soil rally in yorkshire had anticipated a gentle four days scanning 400 acres of land for treasure but the event descended into chaos when a birthday cake. Milwaukee happy birthday portillo's! to celebrate 56 years of service on tuesday april 9 they're offering 56 cent slices of their famous chocolate cake with the purchase of an entree how does, pillsbury can be credited with or blamed for the concept since it unleashed its cake mix on the world in 1989 right about when i entered prime elementary school birthday party age now i can't.

But they couldn't afford to special order a cake so they instead would buy a mistake a cake that someone else had ordered but had never picked up my father used to joke that his cakes always said, the children sang happy birthday to the prince as he cut a large chocolate cake he offered one young girl a piece of