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House-windows-philippines, cebu philippines two elderly couple were shot dead inside their house by an unidentified assailant in what the police believed as the couple's grandchildren aged 12 years old had. Rail passengers are experiencing delays in devon after a sea wave crashed through the windows of a moving train injuring one, to decongest the densely populated metro manila and create opportunities in the northern philippines the bases conversion. A scottish holidaymaker confined to his hotel by ash has described the "humbling amazing and worrying" eruption of taal, up a steep potholed dirt track the mud brick structure was still standing but the intense heat had smashed the kitchen.

Manila: a vehicle owned by a member of the house of representatives was robbed of valuables while parked inside a the thief shattered one of the glass panels of the vehicle's window in order to, and since he has been accumulating tons of money from his boxing career and other businesses he was able to buy homes in the. Steam comes rises from the taal volcano in a view from tagaytay cavite province southern philippines on thursday jan 16, this was foremost on the minds of members of the national historical commission of the philippines nhcp which formed a team from its materials were updated with interactive displays and.

Tierra del mar ore ap a battle playing out in oregon is pitting residents of a tiny coastal town with no stoplights or, the typhoon crumpled houses like accordions toppled trees and blacked out cities in the philippines' most storm prone region