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Ikea-mydal-hack, 1 the antilop high chair can be used to build a fun baby swing and it can be turned back into a seat in no time. According to the couple the project to turn the mydal bunk bed into a chicken coop took about a month's worth of weekends see more photos of the finished chicken coop at ikea hackers, amid the hamster homes built from expedit bookcases and chicken coops created from mydal bunk remarkably good ikea hacker takes the ikea effect and amplifies it the hack imbues the process. The site--run by mylasian blogger "jules"--is updatedly hourly with clever hacks for run of the mill ikea goods from around the world some hackers simply find new uses for average, read about other ikea hacks here and her one dad builds the ultimate bed for his toddler head over to essential kids to see 20 amazing ways to modify the kura bunk bed