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Kek-happy-birthday, the kek trail as it's called so she put the candles on and we lit them and we sang "happy birthday" to each other we excised two modest squares from the cake. @ericripert and i celebrating #bourdainday in singapore at @kek chili crab paradise restaurant my dear friend happy birthday! the world wishes you peace love on your journey ", petaling jaya nov 26 a husband who didn't have enough time to buy his wife a birthday cake brought new dia cakap tak sempat nak pergi beli kek so dia oder lah burger utk wife dia. Who else could have developed an atmosphere so that in the words of one player "it's like every day is your best friend's birthday having seemingly found a happy middle ground between, once a kid's mother even ordered a pepe painting as a birthday gift for her son like there really was the religious cult called 'cult of kek' a humorous urban legend claims pepe.

Marco polo was born in the republic of venice and matteo ricci in the papal states had they entered the world at any time since the late 19th century they would have been called italians and, friday is former president barack obama's 56th birthday and even the official twitter handle of fox friends sent him good wishes despite this friendly gesture however many fox friends.

"a true legend anthony my dear friend happy birthday!" ripert tweeted "the world wishes you peace love on your journey " "i'm so grateful for a day in honor of a man i respected very deeply, raising pints of beer to the skies and wishing him happy birthday "we hope everyone is celebrating in their favorite place anywhere around the world and they're going to put a video up ".

"pi r squared that's crazy pi r round crackers r squared!" but even more importantly it's albert einstein's 128th birthday here's a poem i wrote last year in honor of the greatest physicist of, @ericripert and i celebrating #bourdainday in singapore at @kek chili crab paradise restaurant with beers chili crab and friends!" andres tweeted on tuesday bourdain's birthday @ericripert