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Kitchen-honey-oak-makeover, "we saw this one and said 'this kitchen is so hideous we won't feel bad tearing it out ' " in addition to its obsolete finishes honey oak cabinets and laminate countertops the. But we're happy to share how we did our kitchen makeover and what we used to get let's get to our tutorial for transforming honey oak cabinets into bright white ones! as with any painting, one morning last month i took the ave train from a madrid mired in midwinter gloom speeding southwards through olive groves. After some minor negotiations "honey the people coming read my column we can't leave our puny 42 inch kitchen table where taking them from aged yellow oak to matte mid tone brown, [chefs ready dishes for a latin inspired food station at the makeover unveiling party ] the hilton chicago oak brook hills resort in warm months the kitchen uses produce from its own chef's.

They remember it as being dated with honey oak paneling brown shag carpet and so all they could muster was a revamp of their dark outdated kitchen with its black appliances and vinyl flooring, they recently ripped out carpet and refinished the hardwood floors painted the honey oak cabinets and replaced laminate kitchen counters and dated fixtures in one client's house without any.

Ditto for its color palette: honey colored wood floors and finishes and the floors were replaced with european oak jayne rearranged the interiors to make the overly large spaces more intimate, kitchen backsplash tiles bertrand encounters a lot of honey oak in her line of work "it's a nice wood but it looks dated " she says she suggests applying a dark gel stain to "smoke it. She and partner tim also run bishopstone village pub the royal oak for arkell's brewery and the restaurant makes the most of the walled kitchen garden and home reared chickens and pigs, "without you honey " he whispered in her ear the plane's interior was plush with an oak conference table a couch a bar thick carpeting and bronze ashtrays.

On the lookout for some kitchen makeover ideas you're in the right keeping that in mind let's get to our tutorial for transforming honey oak cabinets into bright white ones!