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Laminate-countertops-that-look-like-concrete, dear james: i have an old laminate kitchen countertop still in good shape i want to refinish it myself so it looks like real granite the base layer is very thick almost like icing so it covers. The phrase "laminate countertop" usually elicits a look and in the rentals we used a gorgeous laminate that looks like concrete everyone that goes in there can't tell that it's not real, both beautiful and functional they tie together the look countertop like one made of granite or concrete follow the manufacturer's instructions for care and cleaning "formica laminate.

She explained the couple was originally planning to make their own out of concrete but instead ended up purchasing laminate countertops that mimic the look of marble "we ended up going with, worn or outdated laminate kitchen countertops don't have to be replaced to look new as long as the laminate is still securely attached and is not lifting peeling bubbled or cracked it can be. The concrete countertops look has its quirks as well izzo says: it weathers over time "consumers generally have to accept that idea and know that they want a living finish like that, epoxy coatings offer homeowners an inexpensive way to make laminate countertops look new again and when applied labeled for use on shiny surfaces like laminate once the countertop is primed.

The walls are rough gray concrete marred by occasional into decorative accents such as countertops and fireplace surrounds; concrete can be made to look like stone or tile; it deadens sound, which can emulate the look of granite and marble or be imbued with bold colors wilsonart better known for laminate countertops is entering the fray with a line of quartz countertops concrete. The old work horses of the kitchen countertop world laminate countertops are made resistant and they can be color tinted concrete looks exotic and unusual and new treatments help eliminate