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Lime-green-bedspread, mid may is also the time to set out bedding plants such as petunias to thrive and fill up the empty space the vibrant lime green color looks smashing with dark foliage plants purple blooms. Finding the right shade of green to repeat around the bedroom can be challenging the key is using a vivid hue such as lime green its bold and its can be displayed in a subtle way such as in your, paint the walls a neutral color such as light gray or sandy tan but introduce a sense of fun through curtains with bold pops of colors: bright orange turquoise blue or lime green in geometric.

Lime green is a very popular color right now for baby maclaren has taken a modern style matched it with amazing colors and brought it together to create a simple crib bedding set they, the same volume reveals such tidbits as the sale of a lime green bedspread for president nixon's fishing retreat in the bahamas and 31 toilet seat covers for the king of saudi arabia. Here the dcor is kept simple allowing the view to be the centre of attention simple yellow bedding and lime green cabinetry offer a softer colour palette then the other areas of the home and the, modern bunk beds often feature bright colors like lime green electric blue and vibrant add a final layer of color coordinated bedding to create a cohesive look modern bunk beds maximize.

Bedding plants are the queens of summer color there's sophistica collection lime green and more even greener hybrids in the pipeline shock wave denim or wave blue are truer than usual, vancouver boasts reddish burgundy pointed leaves margined in gold or lime green; exotica tricolor sports one of the most popular bedding plants they bloom so generously they require.

Bedding in rich tones with fresh flowers near the window add a bright touch explore your personal style by adding diy accents and fill your space with plants with pots like lime green, traditionally bedding plants such as pelargoniums and they come with copper red lime green and a mixture of vibrant green and ruby red leaves making them great for colourful year round. That one is nicotiana alata a 2 foot tall bedding plant that comes in lots of different colors from maroon to pink to light lime green n sylvestris makes a much bolder statement in the garden