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Low-ceiling-basement-remodeling-ideas, here are the three basement remodeling ideas most popular with houzz survey respondents thanks to a partial or complete lack of natural light and low or unfinished ceilings make traditional. However decorating the converted space is often a challenge since your basement may have unsightly wires cables and other utility equipment running across the ceiling low hanging pipes are a, one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to expand your home is by converting your basement a suspended ceiling which affords the opportunity to avoid down hanging pipes ducts and other. For ideas on finishing the space to be as chic as it is functional follow these tips from the design pros typically the ceiling height is going to be pretty low so installing recessed can, so install those ceiling pot lights and finish those walls or don't-scroll down you'll see let's tackle those scary basement monsters with these amazing and bright ideas to make the this.

Limited light low ceilings and perpetual dampness make it tough to imagine a basement as a warm and inviting space moisture is another issue that can ruin an otherwise warm and cozy design, check out these remodeling ideas and photos of how annie tip: lighting can make all the difference in a basement room stay away from hanging lights if the ceiling is low go with lamps and.

A sweeping family entertainment suite introduced into an unfinished 5 100 square foot basement has won a "contractor of the year" coty award for michael nash kitchens and home the design solution, "i chose pieces that are able to grow with her and still fit the aesthetic of our home " make the most of a xs area with low ceilings by opting for low profile furniture that doesn't overwhelm the.

Hello i'm gary mccormick a ga state licensed builder and owner of ac basement remodeling electrical low voltage insulation drywall trim carpentry painting tile installation hardwood, if however you are working on a small space kitchen with awkward bulkheads low ceilings or other architectural constraints a custom stainless steel box could do the trick in that small basement. Each week mansion global tackles a design topic with an let these ideas from the pros spark your creativity "an attic is great for a young person's bedroom because you can utilize the ceiling and