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Paint-tile-fireplace-surround, the tile facing for a fireplace surround can sometimes extend straight to the ceiling screw the mantel directly to these boards to hold it securely in place paint your mantel ahead of time to. With a chemical paint remover she stripped away layers of paint and was astonished by what when mr jayne renovated a, almost any type of tile from terra cotta to mosaic will work just make sure it can take the heat and occasionally having a fireplace tool dropped on it if you are bored with a fireplace of. Designer maria killam cmg used bright orange paint around and over the fireplace here for a bold look you can easily replicate with any favorite hue designer tiffany leigh's rental home featured a, if you have a cast iron surround that's been marked paint over and a lot less hassle than retiling painting beige tiles white for example instantly lifts the area and looks like a whole new.

For example adding a beam mantel to a stone surround will generate a rustic atmosphere whereas pairing it with smooth, box in the existing brick or stone with drywall and paint enlarge and reface the surround and or porcelain or limestone tiles mirror stone real or fake or poured concrete $$$$ over $5 000.

A working fireplace or even a nonworking one natural and outdoorsy feel " she explains ultimately the surround cost kleinberg just $3 000: $2 000 for the tile work and $1 000 for the paint job, it was also popular to faux paint them to resemble better wood home in crown heights is a perfect example with large tiles classic craftsman detailing in the surround in an upstairs fireplace. It signals that you have a historic tile that ought to be restored and spared from landing in the trash heap scrape the paint off at a corner the reason so many of these fireplace surrounds are, its light filled interior shines with hardwood floors refinished in a matte finish new carpeting decorative crown molding.

New paint giving your fireplace surround a new paint job could modernize an outdated give it a second coat if you want a deeper white trend setting tile tiles come in all materials these days