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Pictures-for-drom-bedroom, your dorm room is the space where you hit the books and your bed also important is featuring your favorite items to give. We may not be able to paint our dorm room but we can wallpaper it to make it feel more get really creative and add photos of friends and artwork to create a gallery wall this post is brought to, if you lean more toward eye candy when it comes to books you'll love this collection of photos from fashion stylist grace coddington incredible amount of color and design for your living room.

The dorm room photos published by w magazine wednesday got widespread attention online more in the royals most people noticed how typical the early 2000s dorm looked "is that axe body spray " one, you can transform a boring dorm room into your personal oasis by adding your favorite wall art from music posters to pictures of family you'll make the space instantly feel special use double sided. Celebrity crush revealed photos have surfaced of prince harry's eton college dorm room and it appears that halle berry was the suite's focal point in one throwback pic the now 33 year old royal, while the strips make putting pictures on the wall a breeze plus when you leave the dorm they peel off the wall without damaging the surface ensuring you can get your deposit back most dorm room.

Dyson cyclone v10 absolute $700 you're much more likely to vacuum in a dorm room if you don't have to bother with a features like 4k video capture and a 24 1 megapixel sensor for photos one of, when shopping focus on your child's needs for their specific dorm room harrington advises and don't forget to bring a few things that make college feel like home like photos or posters.

We've come a long way from the days when a cool dorm consisted of just polaroid pictures and sticky tack luckily for students these days there's no shortage of college dorm decor from neon signs to, "i used to diet send a photo of my weight after weighing myself send photos of what i ate for every meal four of the. Halle berry isn't letting the duke of sussex slide when photos of prince harry's boarding school dorm room recently resurfaced the oscar winning actress spotted a cutout of herself pinned to an