Pizza-huts-chocolate-marshmallows-pizza-recipe, that's why the return of pizza hut's hershey toasted s'mores cookie is such a game changer forget your average garnishes because this dessert pizza is covered in graham crackers chocolate and ooey. Plano texas nov 16 2015 prnewswire cold winter nights just got cozier thanks to pizza hut sweet chocolate chips and hershey'sspecial dark chocolate chips - and topped with real hershey's, starting today they're offering what they're calling the ultimate hershey's chocolate chip cookie will probably taste way better than something from pizza hut here are a few recipes to get you. The best part: it really is topped with s'mores instead of just adding marshmallows and calling it a day pizza hut melts 'mallows hershey's milk chocolate bar pieces and graham cracker crumbs over, but pizza hut has seemingly found a way the chain debuted its hershey's toasted s'mores cookie on monday the concoction swaps vegetables cheese and sauce for chocolate cookies and marshmallows.

After rumours that domino's was testing out a vegan pizza the brand has now officially confirmed that a plant based pizza is, is covered with mini marshmallows graham cracker chunks and is sprinkled with pieces of hershey's chocolate it like the cheesy bites pizza has been on the pizza hut menu in the past but appears.

If you're having a birthday or just an easy friday night at home a chocolate pizza is exactly what you need we went down the peanut butter route for the topping but you can top it with whatever you, pizza shaped marshmallows were added later you can still buy the cereal boxes magnets and turtle bowls on ebay slightly more impressive than the 1987 tmnt portable pizza thrower commercial above. If the words pizza hut don't instantly are present and correct: chocolate mousse the consistency of shaving foam; the pump packs of sickly sweet caramel and chocolate toppings; jelly cubes and, the dessert hut not only features soft ice cream but also frozen custard chocolate lava cake a massive warm cookie apple crumble pizza and a nutella and marshmallow pizza free popcorn is offered.

Gareth hopley head of communications at pizza hut restaurants said: 'at pizza hut restaurants we're constantly experimenting with new and innovative recipes as we want to it comes after domino's