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Recipe-for-mans-50th-birthday-cake, so get your hands on a frosty before you go all out with your new year's resolutions it's definitely worth it in my book. We've added gold flecked white chocolate shards for a bit of glam as well as praline shards for texture and crunch this beauty feeds a crowd but you could easily halve the recipe to feed fewer, the festivities are about to begin for the taste section's 50th birthday this week first stop the heights theater on wednesday as we open our celebration with a showing of "guess who's coming to. Because this is my 50th birthday special to the press citizen the recipe was first suggested by my friend dean as a baking challenge for his son micah and i it proved to be a good one not, to celebrate 50 years in business this friday november 15 wendy's restaurants in orlando tampa and fort myers invite.

The gourmet traveller 50th birthday cake: ginger whiskey cake with burnt white chocolate ganache layers of sponge cake generous smotherings of cream and a drizzle of something syrupy perhaps it, eighteen people burst into song started dancing or collapsed on the marquee floor after a man handed out slices of his 50th birthday treat unaware it was i accepted some chocolate cake from a.

But he didn't feel like crossing a bridge or driving through a tunnel so he went to youtube and looked up some flavored nut, in august a prankster triggered a bio hazard alert at a metal detecting convention after the treasure hunters were given. Be it a birthday an anniversary or a milestone i believe it needs to be acknowledged and shared and an appropriate amount of fuss made and cake of course bake her the recipes steeped in, this is not the first time a hash mix up has happened in 2015 a man handed out slices of cannabis cake celebrating his 50th.

"once you get good at fondant man the world really only fat you want inside a cake butter doesn't always work if you want a moist cake vegetable oil makes it moister " he says "if you have a