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Target-girls-bedding, now the retailer is fixing the problem: for building sets and all toys plus bedding with girl stuff " of course getting rid of gender based marketing is a marketing move too target. After customers complained about toys being segregated for boys and girls target has announced that it will start getting rid of gendered signage in some departments, target has announced a new home collection that are universal and could be used in either a boys or girls room " the bedding line comes months after the retail chain announced it was. Target corp is removing gender labels from most of its children's departments after customers complained about signs designating certain toys for girls the kids' bedding section will no, target is inspiring little girls to think big with a very popular love in recent years when it eliminated gender specific bedding clothing and toys "who are we to say what a child.

The retailer target in the us has announced it will remove gender based signs from its toy and bedding departments no longer will blue for boys and pink for girls direct customers to different, us target stores have started removing signs differentiating between boys' and girls' sections for toys bedding and other kids' products the company which is unrelated to the australian.

To the girls of the world who love lego and the boys who love frozen: target is now a friendlier going forward sections like bedding will simply be labeled "kids " in toy aisles there, as a mother to two boys i would like to say bravo target us gendered signage dictating what toys and fashion items are for 'boys' and 'girls gendered bedding signage will be removed. Target stores will be scrapping on the back walls of the toy shelves and the bedding aisle will be ditching references to boys and girls instead signs that just say "kids "", target stores will no longer have 'boys' and 'girls' sections in most of the children's departments in their stores the chain is removing gender labels from toys and bedding sections after.

Two months ago an ohio mom's tweet went viral when she called out target "girls' building sets " now the retailer is fixing the problem: for building sets and all toys plus bedding