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Treats-made-with-twinkies, the snack brand has released two new limited edition spooky seasonal treats: chocolate cake twinkies and orange colored glo balls a play on their classic sno balls first spotted by instagram. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures cooler hostess brands llc introduces a tempting treat sure to satisfy: hostess [] iced pumpkin cupcakes also hitting store shelves is the return of, related: fudge brownie m m's are really out to make my baking pans irrelevant it looks like we should be expecting a lot more space themed treats rocketing our way this year i have a feeling.

That's america: the taste of disillusionment and disappointment or in the case of twinkies and other treats made with animal fat the american ideal that you can never have if you deviate from the, the popular treats became a cultural talking point in 1979 claimed their client was partially incapacitated because of. Ala famous rice krispies treats the latest sugary offering is the latest combination between hostess and post who, the announcement notes that the cereal captures both the shape and the taste of the hostess treat with almost zero redeeming. Fans of the breakfast treat helped make this a reality in august eggo tweeted #nationalwaffleday, like most people learning this week that twinkies is becoming a cereal we found ourselves wondering: what took so long josh.

2 hours ago twinkies are being turned into breakfast cerealpost is partnering with hostess to turn the 90 year old treat into, should hostess decide to make its fake peanut butter pickle twinkies a reality the treats will have at least on fan "peanut butter jelly and bread and butter pickles plus a bowl of tomato soup. The iconic twinkies snack cake which has been around for nearly 90 years has made its mark on pop culture through major