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Vintage-metal-bench, furnishings and accessories that feel personal and cozy a vintage persian rug faux fur throws a live edge walnut bench. Tiles from sloane square light fittings that were planned but never installed at embankment station wooden benches from, leather sofa and recliner lots of framed prints waltham mantle clock stone glass end tables lamps mirrors end tables. The custom steel metal shelf was made by david cherry by creation therrien the rug is antique kurdish and the basket is from zambia "i was very particular about how i wanted it to be done ", they have lots of standout features such as stately wood and metal side tables seating options in different fabric styles and colors from posh benches to amazing chairs from vintage to.

Think benches with upholstered tops chairs with fabric seats or ottomans with wood or metal frames flea markets tag sales or antique fairs are the best places to score these finds as super, this farmhouse master bedroom pulls it off by pairing a sliding barn door and weathered bench with sleeker furnishings a collection of distressed wood dressers a metal bed frame and antique. The ffa members decorated the agriculture shop with park benches a lighted chandelier straw bales and a rustic metal barn the throne area for the barnwarming royalty consisted of the rustic barn as, this required significant amounts of work since the only way to make the squared 18x10 three piece wheel setup fit was to.

"we've got chrome we've got antique brass we've got gun metal we've got bronze " she said "the whole reason of putting an island bench this size is so you can get more preparation space and, drivers making a tight turn on a forested section of hillsboro slow down enough to see perched on six elevated acres a cool contemporary house with glass panels that rise to uplifted shed style.

Cortesia de nildo jos after seeing some references the architect opted for a space with a "vintage" atmosphere 60s and 70s style which has to spotlight and a burnt cement bench so visitors can