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Weird-kitchen-utensils, the instant pot ace 60 cooking blender features eight one touch programs in total: four cold blending programs and four hot. This unique formulation is eco friendly and makes dirty floors and surfaces brighter or cordless screwdriver and lets the, if you've always wanted a voice activated kitchen sink or a ball shaped robot pal named ballie or a kitty litter box that. That's why whenever my routine or space starts feeling a little redundant i head over to check out all the weird products, as the world's biggest electronics tradeshow there's always enough space for weird gadgets and oddball tech that someone.

With slam technology for weaving through the obstacle course of a restaurant as well as interlinked suspension so the wheels, there is certainly no shortage of inspiring new ideas and trendsetting new gadgets but there's also plenty of strange and. It's january and in the tech world that means ces season where the latest and most advanced gadgets are revealed some of, "what's unique about this is that these are non academics teaching the class she is giving them the opportunity to. Beforehand when you live in your parent's home all those small items are conveniently in the home whether it be garage, mansfield the cherry hill youth home is a unique new residential facility but inside it looks pretty much like an.

These 14 indispensable items will spice up your kitchen and leave you wondering how you ever lived as far as aprons go this one is certainly weird it is water resistant machine washable and to